Fuel Storage & Handling

Visdamax Malaysia can supply fuel storage silos, fuel handling and fuel delivery systems complete with fully automatic controls.




Visdamax Fuel Storage Systems

We can provide several different kinds for storage systems. Among them are:
      - Modular Silo Storage each ranging from 150 to 400 cubic meters.
      - Bulk Storage Sheds each ranging from 500 to 2000 cubic meters.


Modular Storage Silos:
A Modular Storage Silo is a steel paneled structure used for storing fuels such as sawdusts, chips, shavings, bark and other miscellaneous bulk fuels. Designed with an inverse wall angle, (The base being bigger than the top) arching problems with fuels such as sawdust and shavings are minimized. Coupled with the traversing metering screw, arching problems can be completely eliminated during normal running. Some key features of this modular design includes:
      - Variable speed drive on the metering screw to control discharge speeds
      - A traversing metering screw to prevent arching problems in the silo
      - Continuous level sensors to determine constant silo capacity
      - Modular design allow for independant silo storage of multiple fuels
      - Multiple silo storage size options depending on requirements
      - Fire sprinklers as necessary.
      - Insulation of the wall when required in freezing locations.

Modular Silo Storage Range

The drawing above details the footprint size for the modular silo storage. The annex next to the main silo structure is the maintenance room for servicing the traversing mechanism as well as winch systems.

Sample Pictures Of Modular Storage Silos
A multiple modular silo storage installation in Whangarei, NZ. This shows 4 x 400 cubic meter fuel storage along with the maintenance room.
Modular Silo Storage
A multiple modular silo storage installation in Thames, NZ. This shows 4 x 250 cubic meter fuel storage along with the maintenance room.
Modular Silo Fuel Storage
Picture taken from the maintenance room looking outward to the boilers.
Modular Silo Storage
The look inside one of the silos. This is the metering screw which can traverse across the base of the silo and discharges the fuel out the back end of the silo.
Modular Silo Storage Metering Screw



Bulk Storage Silos:
A Bulk Storage Shed is a steel structured shed with panels on the inside of the structure serving as retaining walls for the bulk fuel. This type of storage is ideal for large storage capacities will all manner of fuel mixed in. Arching problems are minimized by having the retaining walls installed in an inverse wall angle. The traversing screw at the base allows for variable speed extraction and to prevent arching problems that may accumulate.

Visdamax Bulk Storage Shed

Key features of this storage system are:
    - Large storage capacity at a lower cost
    - Even distribution of fuel can be achieved with multiple fuel loading locations
    - Minimal maintenane required

Like the modular storage silos, these silos are also fully automatically controlled via the plants PLC. The discharge screws are all installed with variable speed drives to meter the rate of fuel discharged.

Please note that while we do show some samples of our equipment here, this is by no means a complete list of what we do. For more information on what we can do for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Visdamax Fuel Delivery & Handling System

For our fuel storage silos we can also provide fuel handling and delivery systems. This will include some of the following:
    - Belt conveyors. Flat, inclined or chevron conveyors
    - Scrapper conveyors, drag chain or paddle conveyors
    - Augers. Discharge, transfer or metering screws.
    - Moving floors. Hydraulic operated moving floor for fuel discharge
    - Screens. Disc, rotary or vibrating screens.
    - Pneumatic delivery systems. Ducts, fans etc.
    - Misc other custom designed or engineered system.

Some of the key features of our system include fully automatic controls with variable speed drive controls, zero speed sensors for the conveyors as necessary, diverting arms or gates for controlled fuel discharge, hard faced tips on all abrasive faces and many other possible options.

Sample Pictures Of Fuel Handling & Delivery Systems
Our silo metering screw system discharging onto a flat belt conveyor. The screws have variable speed drives on them to control the rate of discharge.
Fuel Handling And Delivery Systems
Our silo metering screw system discharging onto transfer screws. The metering screws have variable speed drives on them to control the rate of discharge.
Fuel Delivery And Handling Systems
The metering screw from the silo. With years of experience, you can note the quality of the welds and hard facing on the screw flights.
Silo Discharge Screws
A complete fuel delivery and handling system in Russia comprising of several inclined chevron belt conveyors, transfer screws and diverting arms.
Fuel Handling & Discharge System
A pneumatic fuel delivery system to a modular round silo.
Pneumatic Fuel Delivery Systems

Most of our fuel handling systems are customized to suit the site requirements. There are also very many options available that one can choose to have on their systems. For the best possible results, please contact our agents with details on what you would like to have so that we will be better able to help.