Foreword On Visdamax

Visdamax Malaysia is a privately owned manufacturing company in Malaysia that specializes in turnkey projects covering biomass fueled boilers, heat plants, kilns, timber driers, fuel storage and handling systems & co-generation power plants.

Founded in 1993 by a team of people with over 25 years of experience, Visdamax started off by supplying semi-automatic kilns, timber driers & biomass fueled steam boilers to the local Malaysian & Indonesian markets. As we grew over the years, we have enhanced our manufacturing quality and engineering designs and today, we export fully automatic biomass fueled boilers, kilns, timber driers, fuel storage and handling equipment to many foreign countries. Among them are Australia, Japan, New Zealand & Russia. Our propriety boiler the Bio-T (Turbomax) Boiler is especially well received in countries with strict emissions regulations like Australia and New Zealand for its smokeless and natural low emissions.

Our goal to our customers is to provide excellant quality product, service and support at an affordable and competitive price without compromising on quality. This commitment to our customers has remained the same throughout the years. Customers have always expressed their satisfaction on the products that we have supplied to them.

Given the opportunity, we would like to extend to you the same service that we have given to our very many clients.

Thank You.

Visdamax Malaysia